Friday, March 27, 2009

White House correspondents and CNN's Ed Henry targetted by Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obama

CNN's senior White House correspondent Ed Henry has been in smackdowns in recent days with arguably the two most powerful men in America, President Barack Obama and RadioTalker Rush Limbaugh.

Watch a full clip from the Presidential Press Conference

VIDEO: Barack Obama smacks down CNN's Ed Henry

Ed Henry appeared on CNN's 'Anderson Cooper 360' to talk about the exchange. Commenting on Obama's temper and reinforcing the conservative meme of Obama's reliance on the teleprompter.

VIDEO: CNN's Ed Henry VS President Obama on AIG bonuses
Ed Henry in a seemingly self-indulgent op-ed also reiterated his take on his exchange with President Obama:
Behind the scenes: Ed Henry's take on exchange with Obama
Still early, so nobody had asked AIG yet. Plus my "sidebar" question now seemed off-point so early in a newser focused on the economic pain in the nation.

The pressure was on now because the president had called on me. Someone handed me a microphone, millions were watching, and it's scary to think about changing topic in a split second because you might get flustered and screw up.

But it's fun to gamble and like any good quarterback (though I was never athletic enough to actually play the position), I decided to call an audible...
Washington Post Columnist Eugene Robinson and Keith Olbermann touched on this Ed Henry/Obama stoush. Reliably it inflates things in favor of President Obama but Eugene uses a nice basketball analogy. It's interesting as the way Ed Henry wrote his op-ed was reminiscent of how a young boy would imagine their dream encounter with their basketball hero.

Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller has their say on Ed Henry, Dennis Miller bring up the "off-teleprompter" meme and suggest President Obama develop some Rhino skin. Bill O'Reilly manages to make it about himself again whilst making a valid point.

VIDEO: Miller & O'Reilly on the Ed Henry/Obama exchange

Though in no way as direct, Rush Limbaugh rhetorically called on Ed Henry and took White House Correspondents to task.

VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh to CNN's Ed Henry - "Ed, you're a butt-boy."
Ed Henry has made great headway in developing a profile amongst viewers and bloggers by being talked about by the punditocracy. But if Dennis Miller and Rush Limbaugh are to be believed, the real winner seems to be ABC's Jake Tapper. Commended unprompted by both talkers as the most diligent White House Correspondent (and Obama challenger) today.

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