Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not carrying water: Laura Ingraham defends President Obama and attacks the GOP

Much was made about President Obama's politically incorrect gaffe during his appearance on Jay Leno, the first appearance of its kind by a sitting President . It is telling of two things; 1) Obama's broad appeal as a "Celebrity President" which troubles critics like Rush Limbaugh who worry that "Celebrity" is the oeprative word rather than "President". 2) Obama is returning to his proven "campaign mode" to charm people turned off by the Administrations' governing.

Though the appearance was meant to be a charming distraction away from the political wrangling in Washington. It instead created headlines when the relaxed President Obama made a joke about the 'Special Olympics'.

Many conservatives used this moment to pounce on President Obama. Less so on the charge that the President was insenstive towards the handicapped but instead pointing to the double standard of condemnation had a conservative said the same thing.

One Conserative pundit that didn't join her colleagues' condemnation of President Obama was Laura Ingraham. This was due in large part to the outrage she herself was the center of, making politically incorrect statements made in jest. Discussing the matter she said:
The President on the Razzle Dazzle tour out in Los Angeles and this is gonna surprise maybe many of you - Big deal! OK? This is what we were talking about with the absurd reaction to our riff on Meghan McCain last week. People sending snippets and sending them around, "Oh this means that he doesn't like disabled people" (referring to President Obama), "This means that she doesn't like plus sized models" (referring to herself). What?! This finally shows that maybe he does have a sense of humour... but guess what the left would never jump on him for this. Maybe they'll get him into a little trouble.
Listen and download Laura Ingraham defending Obama on his politically incorrect comment on 'Leno'

It was a show of consistency for Laura Ingraham who had spent the week minimising the faux outrage created by her statements towards Meghan McCain. You might be forgiven for thinking that Laura Ingraham was only willing to defend President Obama because it served her interests. Interestingly she has been complimentary towards Obama in other ways, whilst still asserting her opposition.
You know I've decided you have to say something nice about somebody everyday. If you're gonna have criticism you're going to have to say something nice. He [Barack Obama] has beautiful posture, I like people who sit up straight. Square shoulders.
Whilst being soft on Obama Laura Ingraham voices her criticism towards the GOP political leadership. Citing conservative Talk Radio and a few Republicans on Capitol Hill as the lone opposition to the Obama Administration.
I'm done carrying the water for these Republicans! Not that I ever did because look at what we did with the Bush administration and got me on the persona non grata list. But these Republicans can't get out of their own way. Obama is vulnerable... I am beginning to think that they are constitutionally incapable of offering a meaningful opposition... Talk Radio has been the meaningful opposition.
Listen and download Laura Ingraham being critical of the GOP's response to the Obama budget

This is by no means telling of a shift in Laura Ingraham's allegiances. But shows that she is willing to stake a position that is not always predictably ideological but still serves to her advantage.

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