Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rush extends invitation to debate President Obama

rush limbaugh, invitation, debate, president obama Sean Hannity did similar to then Senator Obama during the Presidential campaign, now Rush Limbaugh is challenging President Obama to a debate. Being anointed as the de facto leader of the Republican Party, Rush took the frame to its logical conclusion. Proposing a head-to-head with the Democratic President and most powerful man in the world.

Like Sean Hannity's ploy, it's first and foremost a marketing exercise. Entirely consistent with Rush Limbaugh's media strategy.
Scared Liberals Flood Phone Lines
CALLER: Yes or no: Are you willing to debate the future of this nation and defend your position, one-on-one -- in primetime, national television -- with a prominent Democrat, whether it's Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, whoever?...
RUSH: I establish the terms. The terms are the president of the United States. It's he who is attacking me...
CALLER: So it has to be on your terms that you will defend your position, and -- and you want to convince everybody in the nation that you're right, as long as it's on narrowly defined terms.
RUSH: Why would I want to give a television network, any television network -- which for the last number of years has done its best to trash me...
CALLER: Well, wait a minute! I thought it was about what's best for the nation.
RUSH: It is. It is.
CALLER: It kinda sounds like what's best for Rush Limbaugh.
RUSH: It is...
CALLER: Convince people you're right. Are you willing to do it or not?
A basic rule in wrestling or any fighting sport is "never challenge an opponent that is your lesser". Whilst Rush has an awesome amount of influence and a constituency that rivals almost any politician, as a Radio personality he is no equal to the American President. Especially a popular one.

Rush will no doubt accuse President Obama of cowardice in the likely event that he ignores the challenge. Rush made a similar taunt to Obama with his alternate Stimulus plan proposal with only moderate fanfare. Ultimately these storylines vanish as soon as the challenged stops giving the challenger the oxygen and attention it craves.

But what would happen if the stronger opponent called the challengers bluff (or took the bait depending on how you look at it)? This is how it looks when wrestling does it:

VIDEO: Santino Marella calls out Stone Cold Steve Austin

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