Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WWE Wrestler JBL on the Government Stimulus

I've been highlighting wrestling style promos recently from politicians and pundits. Notably this onslaught from Lansing Michigan Mayor Virg Bernero and this call-and-response rabble-rousing from CNBC Pundit Rick Santelli.

It doesn't stop there. As HotAir profiles, CNBC's Jim Cramer gives a deranged promo that would make WWE wrestler 'Edge' blush:
Video: Cramer goes nuclear on Obama, White House rips Cramer
I think he’s worked up here but I can’t tell for sure: Much like Glenn Beck, because his default state is one of unnerving intensity, it’s hard to tell when he feels passionately about something from when he’s behaving normally. But here he is on last night’s show, teetering between Hayekian wisdom and madness in laying blame for the Dow’s downturn at the feet of Zeus’s Olympian throne.
VIDEO: Jim Cramer blasts the Obama Administration

John Bradshaw Layfield, jbl, politics, conservativeIf you're after a wrestling style promo on matters of money from a real money man and industrialist. You can't beat John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL). He's the real deal - a wrestler AND money man!

Government Stimulus or Stealing?
Every senator and congressmen who backs this bill should be indicted for stealing from the American people. There is no excuse for this, we aren't allowed to steal from them-and we shouldn't be. They shouldn't be allowed to steal from us.

How does Barney Frank sit on TV and say he is proud of signing a bill that endorses theft? These guys are supposed to be so knowledgeable and can oversee this thing, why didn't they see AIG, why didn't they see Merril was a bad deal? Why were they investigating steroids in baseball when this whole thing was unfolding? And for those of you that think I am just picking on democrats, you are a partisan idiot-I am picking on the entire legislative branch of the past 3 administrations...
If you'd like to hear JBL talking politics, find him on his radio show on WebTalkRadio - The John Layfield Show

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