Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fox Anchor Gregg Jarrett VS Lansing Michigan Mayor Virgil Bernero

This promo cut by Lansing Michigan Mayor, Virg Bernero could be considered a cousin to this rabble-rousing rant by Rick Santelli.

Gregg Jarrett asked the Mayor a series questions regarding the failing economy and its implaications to the Automotive industry and the Unions

VIDEO: Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing Michigan with Fox Anchor Greg Jarrett
The Mayor cuts a passionate (some would consider premeditated) promo. It was effectively executed, catching the Fox Anchor flatfooted and desperately managing the embarrassment.

Watch Fox Anchor Greg Jarret incredulously making faces and trying to contain the Mayor:
GREGG JARRETT: 1) Mr Mayor, let me stop you there because that wasn't my question. You know? But now that you bring it up...

2) OK Mr Mayor, that wasn't my question and I'm sorry you were offended by it. But now that you bring it up...

3) Mr Mayor, you and I... There must be a disconnect in our Skype webcam because I asked you about paycuts and you're talking about healthcare...

4) Can I get a question in here? I asked about a paycut for workers. Not healthcare. But now that you've brought up healthcare. Let me put it this way...

5) Alright Mr Mayor, it's a television show. Not a campaign speech. You're not the Eveready battery. Calm down, we're just having a discussion here. Mayor Bernero of Lansing Michigan. Thank You very much
Sam Seder played the video on his show 'Break Room Live', commenting unflatteringly on the Fox Anchor's ploy
Break Room Live - February 24, 2009
SAM SEDER: What's the name of the fat guy interviewing him?... what a tool. (projecting) "We didn't have you on here to state your position, Why are you getting all passionate about this?" It's fantastic to watch these guys, what happens with these Fox guys. They must have -- that must be the go to thing right? I've just been embarrassed and so now I'm going to try and make you look like you were just too excited to embarrass me. Or something to that effect, right?
Listen to audio of Sam Seder discussing the smackdown by Mayor Virg Bernero - Break Room Live excerpt (Feb 24, 2009)

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