Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pundit Roundup on "Birthers" (Barack Obama birth certificate scandal)

Rush Limbaugh's take on speculation over Obama's Birth certificate
What's the Difference Between God and Obama?
RUSH: What do Obama and God have in common? Neither has a birth certificate. How do they differ? God does not think he's Obama. And there's another difference between God and Obama, and that is that liberals love Obama.
Ann Coulter's take on the "Birthers"
Ann Coulter: "Obama Birthers" Are Wrong

ANN COULTER: Lou Dubbs... is wrong on this issue. And I do want to point out that every conservative publication from 'Human Events'... dealt with this because it was raised as an issue and said there's nothing to it. So for CNN or MSNBC... bringing this out as an issue - it's just a few cranks out there..."
Bill Maher on the "Birthers"
'Birthers' must be stopped
And there's nothing anyone can do to convince these folks. You could hand them, in person, the original birth certificate and have a video of Obama emerging from the womb with Don Ho singing in the background ... and they still wouldn't believe it.

Which raises the question: Why, in this country, is it always the religious right that won't take anything on faith?
Michelle Malkin's on the "Birthers"
Kooky Politics
I believe Trig was born to Sarah Palin. I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. I believe fire can melt steel and that Bin Laden’s jihadi crew — not Bush and Cheney — perpetrated mass murder on 9/11. What kind of kooky conspiracist does that make me?
Michael Medved and his opinion of the "Birthers"
THE BIRTHERS by Steve Benen
"crazy, nutburger, demagogue, money-hungry, exploitative, irresponsible, filthy conservative imposters" who are "the worst enemy of the conservative movement." He added, "It makes us look weird. It makes us look crazy. It makes us look demented. It makes us look sick, troubled, and not suitable for civilized company.
Stephen Colbert and his take on the "Birthers"
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STEPHEN COLBERT: ...Barack Obama is a terrible President, we have to get him out of office by any weird loophole we can make up. ... "Birthers" - I don't like that term. It implies that Barack Obama was birthed. We have no proof that that ever happened. I want to be able to stick my finger in the President's bellybutton and produce some lint then I will believe he was birthed. Until then don't call us "birthers."
Glenn Beck's take on speculation over Obama's Birth certificate
VIDEO: Even Beck and his radio crew think "birthers" are "stupid" and "morons" who sound like "flat earthers"

GLENN BECK: ...There would be civil war. If you don't think the ACORN's of the world would stand up and say "Awww you're just going after him cuz of his race, whatever". That's exactly what would happen. There are other things we should concentrate on. Who cares about the birth certificate thing. The time to do that was, you know during the election. Now what do you say we pay attention to - "he's appointing communists!".

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