Monday, August 10, 2009

Mark Levin VS David Frum, the feud rages on - "Quit whining"

One of the most colorful and personal feuds in punditry shows no signs of easing. The feud between Mark Levin and David Frum. David Frum is a moderate conservative concerned about the representation of the Republican Party as it seeks to find a face that will make it palatable once again to the electorate. After discovering popular talker Radio Talker Mark Levin, he held him as an example of the type of "whining", "shouting" conservative that was harming the movement. Levin responded in kind by saying that Frum was appealed to "McCain-style" conservatives, mushy on principle which was a losing position, adding his lousy book sales made him irrelevant.

Levin began devoting a section on his official website to catalogue players like Frum who he deemed harmful to Conservatism. David Frum in kind has discretely taken shots at Levin when the opportunity arises.

David Frum highlights Mark Levin's rebuttal to a piece he wrote titled 'Quit Whining!'
"Moron" "Idiot" "Lardass" "Fraud": Mark Levin Replies
My series on conservative despair mentions Mark Levin among others. Here the talk-show host responds with his familiar suavity of manner and elegance of language.
- Listen and Download Mark Levin's scathing rebuttal against David Frum
MARK LEVIN: You know there is a fraud out there by the name of David frum, a complete and utter fraud, jealous, petty, insignificant. The fact that I mention the guy is what brings him attention and he's fiercely upset by the success of 'Liberty and Tyranny'. And he's created a website, a little presumptuous, he's calling it the 'New Majority'... He wrote a book on the New majority and it sold less than 5000 hardback copies. He has no way of knowing the pulse of the people because he basically sits in his basement with his door locked, in his boxershorts like a good little goofball
Interestingly Frum has said in his arguments against Levin that the preoccupation of fame and influence over correct judgment is the reason why polarising talkers like him and Rush Limbaugh are problematic for the party. Frum has also charged that Levin is in fact the recluse.

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