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WWE Wrestling personality Jerry "The King" Lawler runs for Mayor of Memphis

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Jerry Lawler for Mayor
This blog is about the analogy that Politics and Punditry is not unlike Pro wrestling. For the most part it discusses how Politics intersects with Wrestling but you might be surprised how often the wrestling industry and wrestlers themselves involve themselves in politics.

Popular WWE commentator and personality, Jerry "The King" Lawler has thrown his hat in the ring to be the mayor of Memphis, repeating a similar bid in 1999

Friend-of-show John Pollock recently interviewed Jerry Lawler on his Memphis Mayoral bid, the election taking place October 09'. The discussion acknowledges the overlap of charisma and presentation found in wrestling and politics, its significance in winning over audiences and how it is able to compensate for deficiencies in other areas (Policy knowledge for politicians, in-ring ability for wrestlers). This is one of the main planks of my analogy that politics is unlike pro-wrestling.
The Fight Network interviews Jerry "The King" Lawler
JOHN POLLOCK: ...How much does the [presentation/charisma] side of your wrestling background help you?
JERRY LAWLER: It's invaluable to me... I've almost taken it for granted because my entire career I've felt very comfortable in front of the camera or behind the microphone...

I think that it will be beneficial because there might be some brilliant political minds out there but you're right if they can't communicate with the people verbally then they're in trouble. And in the WWE throughout my career I've seen hundreds of wrestlers like that. Guys that have tremendous physiques and great wrestling ability but they just don't have the charisma when they're in front of the camera. The camera just doesn't really like them and they aren't able to communicate their feelings through making a promo or whatever. Trust me, guys that have a lot of wrestling ability but very few verbal or communicative skills they will not go as far as someone who has great communicative skills and not a lot of wrestling ability...

Hopefully I'll be able to bring that bit of expertise into the political ring so to speak and maybe even out-talk some of these other politicians. Believe me we've got some politicians here in Memphis that are pretty good talkers

JOHN POLLOCK: There you go, we can get some promo wars on Memphis television
Download and listen to the full episode here - Aug 21: Jerry Lawler / Dan Lovranski
Download and listen to the excerpted interview here - TFN: Jerry Lawler interview

Jerry Lawler is following in the footsteps of Wrestling legend Jesse Ventura who went on to become Governor of Minnesota, recently flirting with a Presidential bid in 08'. Aesthetically however Lawler's motor-mouth style is more akin to famed wrestling talker Jim Cornette who recently drew similar comparisons to wrestling and politics. Like Jesse Ventura, Jerry Lawler is not shying away from his celebrity or unconventional day job but instead incorporating his wrestling history and current relationship with the WWE in his campaigning and policy proposals.

Contribute and Donate to Jerry Lawler's campaign here

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Anonymous said...

I was a fan of Jerry Lawler until his lovely stunt today which got me a writeup and almost fired from my job. What can I be talking about you wonder? Let's see! Turn on your radio. Everyone is talking about it. It is the topic on everyone's mind. Because Jerry's stunt on I-240 this morning 10-15-2009 made everyone late to work setting in traffic for an hour or more so he could do his last moment of begging for votes. Guess what all that did was tick people off where they almost lost their job. My uncle did loose his job. I almost lost my job. And my work does not play when it comes to tardiness. We are a company that runs on perfection. Something you know nothing about or you would have considered everyone's feelings this morning at 7-9 when were out making everyone late. So our question is how are your going to make it up if you even care. Wrestlers would make it up. Men would make it up. Are you either? You are definitely not a KING. We looked up to you and you almost costed me my job. My son looked up to you and he is disabled and loves wrestling. Got his Make A Wish and depends on me. How could you? You are a monster in my eyes and the eyes of several others I know.