Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lawrence O'Donnell with TownHall protester Katy Abram, Mark Levin calls out Lawrence O'Donnell

Mark Levin is well known for cutting promos, calling out prominent politicians and politicos he disagrees with on his program. Coaxing them to appear on his show where he debates them using the bully pulpit to his advantage. It's an old schoolyard trick also found in wrestling. In the past he has lured Democratic congressman Maurice Hinchey, citizen-turned-Politician Paul Hackett and most recently conservative author David Frum who he has been feuding with. Their is little to gain for the taunted agreeing to such a showdown though it may show that the person has good humor or isn't afraid of a challenge. Constructive dialogue is not the aim but the awkward encounter and the ensuing fireworks does make for entertaining listening.

Mark Levin was at it again, this time challenging political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell after Mark found offense in his "bullying" of a citizen during an MSNBC debate on Health Care.

VIDEO: Lawrence O'Donnell debates with Town Hall protester
Katy Abram on MSNBC's Hardball
LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: Katy Abram I know you're not a regular at this stuff and you don't do it every day so take it easy we're just gonna go through some simple questions on this
After watching this clip Mark Levin calls out Lawrence O'Donnell on his show and challenges his assertions.
MSLSD’s Lawrence O’Donnell hiding from Mark Levin
MARK LEVIN: ... Now moron if you want to come on this program and try your little debating tricks I'd be more than happy to debate you. You coward! I've called you out before and you won't come on this program Laaarry!. Instead you attack citizens who are not used to debating morons like you and unfortunately I am.

Mr Producer find this jerk and see if he can drag his ass to this program will you. Tell him I've called him a coward, repeatedly on a national a show with 7 million listeners. You're a coward O'Donnell, Come on let's debate. You wanna debate Medicare? We'll debate Medicare You wanna debate National Health Care? We can do that too. You wanna debate the New Deal?

You wanna debate your hero, you're cult like hero Obama. Let's do that too. Except not on Chris Matthews show. No. Are you up to the challenge tough guy? I don't think you are but I'd be happy to have you here...
Listen and Download the audio of Mark Levin calling out Lawrence O'Donnell

Mark Levin isn't the only one coming to citizen Katy Abrams defense. Katy recently appeared on Glenn Beck's radio program where Glenn saluted her courage and assured her she was not alone in her thinking. Katy also read an email she sent to Glenn referencing the debate with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC's Hardball.
Glenn Beck: What 'doing something' looks like
KATY: It says, hi, Glenn. It's 4:41 a.m. I finally just got a few hours of needed sleep. And sitting here writing you maybe is a way to help myself feel a little better. I can't stop crying right now. The gravity of the past two days is finally hitting me. I am merely an American who wanted to ask her senator a question. Sorry. That's all I wanted. Last evening I went on MSNBC's Hardball with Lawrence O'Donnell. The lamb walked into the lion's den knowing she could be eaten alive. The lion pounced. The lamb is still alive. But is questioning why she would have placed herself in such danger. I new Hardball would be difficult but I want those who don't watch the channels that I watch to hear from a normal American. I'm not a plant by the GOP. I am a mom. I may not be the most articulate person. I may not be well versed, but I know what I believe. I can't quote numbers or facts well. I know my limitations. But I know who I am. I know what I believe in.
Listen to audio of Katy Abram appearing on Glenn Beck's Radio show

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