Monday, August 31, 2009

CNN's Reliable Sources: Howard Kurtz calls out Bill O'Reilly for "unfair editing"

I've alluded a few times that CNN's Reliable Sources is a fruitful program for this blog as there is an overlap in the themes they cover and what this blog is interested in. Recently 'Reliable Sources' featured a segment that got this blog excited - it went meta.

Howard Kurtz played a video of Bill O'Reilly playing a video of Howard Kurtz talking about Bill O'Reilly complaining about how Jon Stewart selectively edits out videos.
Kurtz calls out Bill O'Reilly for selectively editing the excerpted clip from his show making it appear they were defending The Daily Show - "what was it that Bill was saying about unfair editing?"

O'Reilly's complaint that Jon Stewart selectively edited out clips.
Kurtz slams O'Reilly for 'unfair editing'

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