Friday, June 5, 2009

Sean Hannity interviews Rush Limbaugh for the second time in the Obama era

The first time Sean Hannity interviewed Rush, I at the time speculated that Hannity might usurp Rush Limbaugh. Then the new rising star and emerging perennial second-to-Rush Glenn Beck interviewed 'America's Anchorman'.

Sean Hannity has interviwed Rush for the second time since Obama's inauguration and this time it's a more personal and expansive interview which includes a tour of Rush' estate.

VIDEO: Sean Hannity interviews Rush Limbaugh (Part One)

Rush explains to Sean how he has been painted as a 'wrestling heel' (villain)
Rush Interviewed by Sean Hannity (Part One)
HANNITY: "The new game in the Beltway is the 'Bash Rush.'" You're in the news almost every day. What's going on?

RUSH: Well, I think it's primarily because the Republican Party or the -- let's say, whatever, that the opposition to Obama has not surfaced politically in Washington. So it's us. You know, those of us who are consistent on the radio and on television criticizing him, we become the focus. For whatever reason, the Republican Party at any level has chosen not to take Obama on and has chosen not to try to attach him to any of the disastrous things that he's doing. I do. And, of course, liberals need a villain; they need a demon. They can't win a debate in the arena of ideas. They need a demon, and they need somebody to demonize, and I'm it, and I'm happy to be it.
Rush gives Hannity credit for his role in challenging Barack Obama
Rush Interviewed by Sean Hannity (Part Two)
RUSH: You were the first out of the box with the Reverend Wright and the Bill Ayers stuff.
RUSH: And people didn't want to hear it because they have a cult-like association and attachment to Obama. But fact of the matter is, the way to understand him is, is he wants to return the nation's wealth to its "rightful owners." He comes from a belief that those in America who have succeeded have done so on the backs of the poor and the disadvantaged. They've had their wealth stolen from them. Everybody. That's why he wants to cap CEO pay. That's why he doesn't want them, the achieved, flying their jets to Vegas. He can. He can take two GV's and three helicopters to New York for a date that you and I pay for; but if I pay for it, even myself on my airplane, I get castigated because it's somehow not cool. I think if you want to understand what this man is doing, what his policies are about, it's returning the nation's wealth to its rightful owners. That's how the UAW, the union, ends up with a major ownership stake in Chrysler and GM.
- Watch Rush Limbaugh on Fox News' Hannity program Part One
- Watch Rush Limbaugh on Fox News' Hannity program Part Two

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Foxwood said...

I came to the realization of the meaning of taking state bailout money and got mad, then very depressed. Barry O is a much smarter man than I thought.