Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Glenn Beck and Jon Stewart to get keys to the city in neighboring Washington State cities

Mirroring similar events in Utah depicted in the documentary 'This Divided State', another town is divided by ideology and celebrity spokespersons. As captured in 'This Divided State', in 2004 the Utah Valley State College student council extended a speaking invitation to political activist Michael Moore. The ensuing campus controversy led to a a counter invitation to equally divisive Fox News pundit Sean Hannity.

The spectacle of a community dueling over the arrival and "representation" of a political celebrity figure is being repeated in neighboring cities in Seattle, Mount Vernon and Bellingham.
Washington state towns battle over Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart
Two Washington state cities are taking the battle of the news pundits personally.

Responding to a plan by the city of Mount Vernon, Washington, to declare September 26 "Glenn Beck Day," in honor of the Fox News host and radio personality, the mayor of nearby Bellingham has decided to retaliate by offering the key to his city to Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

While it may seem odd for there to be a political battle over two national TV figures in small cities along the Interstate-5 corridor north of Seattle, both Stewart and Beck have connections to the places. Beck is a native son of Mount Vernon, and attended middle school and high school in Bellingham. Jon Stewart attended the same New Jersey high school as the current mayor of Bellingham, Dan Pike.
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