Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reverend Al Sharpton to be guest GM of 'WWE Raw', Conservative talker Dennis Miller announced to host also

A new PunditFight Wrestler may have to be unveiled to commemorate this latest news. Comedian and Conservative talker Dennis Miller announced on his radio program that he will be a future Guest GM of Raw.
LAW Sept 24 Update - Mysterio Returns Oct 4
Dennis Miller has stated on his radio show that he will likely be hosting ‘Raw' in December but no date was announced.
WWE has been welcoming celebrities in a storyline involving the trial of several high profile General Managers for their Monday 'Raw' program. The list of celebrities that have appeared so far include Shaquille O'neal, ZZ top, Bob Barker, Floyd Mayweather and former wrestling superstars Trish Stratus and Dusty Rhodes. The scheduled Celebrity GM for the September 28 show is Civil Rights leader, talk show host and former Democratic Presidential contender, Reverend Al Sharpton.
Read the full list of GMs here - Raw: Special Guest Hosts
Raw: Rev it up!
Can Raw get an Amen!? Shouldn’t be a problem next week when the Rev. Al Sharpton joins the prestigious list of Raw celebrity guest hosts, including Olympic gold medalist Shaquille O’Neal, Emmy-winning actor Jeremy Piven and television legend Bob Barker.

The outspoken activist, and frequent center of controversy, brings his headline-grabbing candor to the Sept. 28 edition of Monday Night Raw.
VIDEO: WWE Al Sharpton Guest Hosts RAW!!

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