Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Arizona's controversial immigration law and the Phoenix Suns

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Phoenix Suns donning their "Los Suns" uniform variant
Arizona's recent immigration law change has been the source of national debate. The bill signed into law last month by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer makes it a misdemeanor for immigrants to be in Arizona without proper documentation and allows police officers to request proof of status if there is a "reasonable suspicion" that persons are in the country illegally.

NBA team The Phoenix Suns, who are currently locked in a heated Playoff series with the San Antonio Spurs have made a statement by donning their 'Los Suns' variant uniforms as a gesture of support to their diverse community. This show of support by the Suns organization has drawn enough attention that Rush Limbaugh has weighed in on it and President Obama used the Phoenix Suns for an applause line.
Professional Sports Should Man Up
RUSH LIMBAUGH: This is no different than the Republicans supporting amnesty back in 2007 because they don't want to offend anybody, and they hope to get these votes. So you have the ownership of the Phoenix Suns, the "Los Suns," and whoever, "We don't want to offend a portion of our fan base. We don't want to appear to be politically correct. We want to appear to be all inclusive and so forth." Well, fine and dandy but what happens when that contributes to the overall deterioration of the culture of the society? I just think it's cowardice. I'm sorry. I think it's cowardice, pure and simple.

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