Monday, May 3, 2010

Robin Williams chats with Marc Maron - WTF Podcast Episode 67

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WTF with Marc Maron | Ep 67: Robin Williams
Marc Maron takes his brand of incisive conversation to arguably the most recognisable comedian of this generation - Robin Williams. Its an enlightening sit-down, with Robin Williams using his indoor voice for the whole hour talking candidly about celebrity, bitterness, vices and joke stealing
Episode 67 - Robin Williams
Yeah, Marc's sitting down with Robin Williams for an hour. No big deal. So what do you talk about with an international comedy superstar? How about alcoholism, cocaine, divorce, joke stealing, heart surgery, fame, Richard Pryor, jealousy, and Twitter? Yeah. That should do it.
Maron tells Punchline Magazine about his trepidation before the interview considering Williams' public persona as a Tangent-Tasmanian devil.
Marc Maron delves into the real Robin Williams
Maron continues: “No matter what your opinions may be of him he was, and might still be, one of the biggest comedy stars in the world. I was nervous because I didn’t want to get caught up in the Williams riff cyclone and be blown out without getting a real interview– a genuine conversation with him. We sat down for about an hour and he stayed still and focused and open. This is a rare chat with a huge star.

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