Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Sultan of Snark" Joel Stein insults Fox News' Bill O'Reilly

Time columnist Joel Stein in an attempt to get his brand as "The Sultan of Snark™" mileage has started a feud with Bill O'Reilly by saying he is
a balding, jowly gerbil whose job has been reduced to wiping Glenn Beck's whiteboards
- Love Me, Love My Brand, Says the Sultan of Snark™
If you read the full context of Joel's smear you will see its largely facetious, though he would gain mightily if O'Reilly were foolish enough to take the bait. This wouldn't be the first time O'Reilly's been called out into a challenge

Joel's Stein's goading of a higher profile personality, fishing for some exposure is not unlike the promos found in pro-wrestling where a lesser tier wrestler will spend segments challenging the main eventers. For the most part its an exercise in comic relief with the main eventers rarely participating as it would lessen their value to associate with the lowly challenger.

But one never knows. Every once in a while a main eventer will accept the challenge, a demolition usually follows. Here's hoping Bill O'Reilly takes Stein's challenge.

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