Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sam Seder unveils 'That's Bullsh*t': We're not Greece

APF pundit Sam Seder has unveiled new video project, 'THAT'S BULLSH*T'.
I've begun working on a new weekly feature entitled THAT'S BULLSH*T. It's about four minutes of video of me tackling some of the BULLSH*T floating around in the media ether.

The table is being set to make cuts in our Social Security, this week I shatter the latest coporatist scare tactic like a Greek plate at an ouzo party!...

You'll notice I haven't spelled out the second word in the title of this new feature. I've done so because my four year old (nearly 5) daughter proofreads all of my email blasts to work off all the food we feed her. I don't want her getting potty mouth, but let this be a warning for those of you who work in pre-schools- I say this word multiple times in this show!
VIDEO: That's Bullshit: We're not Greece

Sam's prior project was Break Room Live for the now defunct Air America partnering with longtime friend Marc Maron. You will notice the 'That's Bullsh*t - Seder VS Bull' graphic is an appropriation of the old BRL logo. While Marc quickly moved onto his personal 'WTF podcast', Sam has been relatively quiet outside of his regularly updated blog - SamSederShow.com
Here's hoping Sam finds a regular platform for his voice.

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- Go to Sam Seder's YouTube channel

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