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Marc Maron and Mark Riley's 'Morning Sedition': The infamous 'Wrestle a Republican' episode with Mick Foley

Morning Sedition - 12-21-04 - The Wrestle a Republican Sketch...Revealed! (Best Of).mp3
MARC MARON: ... We're going to listen to a segment that got more responses than anything else we've ever done for Morning Sedition... Its our infamous 'Wrestle-a-Republican' show...

-cut to a replay of said 'infamous show' with accompanying running commentary followed by a reunion from the principles of the segment-

MARC MARON: Good evening, geniuses, philosopher kings and queens, working class heroes, liberals of all kinds. Even our conservative friends, you're welcome as well. And of course wrestling fans...

We got really tired before the election of hearing these Republican emails and phone calls. Just these blowhards that would say we're all talk no action and why don't you guys do something about it.

So basically what we did was we solicited our Republican listeners to come in and wrestle one of the hosts...
Considered one of the most talked about bits in 'Morning Sedition' history, here is a recap of the infamous 'Wrestle-a-Republican' segment here:
  • Mark and Marc talk about Al Franken's collegiate wrestling background. Maron does his Franken impression but makes it clear he is not mocking Franken. 
  • The 'Morning Sedition' hosts play a bait-and-switch and get guest host wrestling legend Mick Foley to fight the republican challenger. 
  • Mick Foley promotes his children's book 'Tales from Wrescal Lane' and talks about his involvement in educating the youth on politics and voting
  • Talked about his debate with fellow wrestler John Bradshaw Layfield at the 'University of Miami'
  • Foley explains the different reactions he's gotten from pundits Paul Begala and Chris Matthews to him being a Pro-wrestler involved and well versed in politics 
  • Foley explains why wrestlers might be more equipped in discussing politics as they "Straddle between the two Americas", having access to the working class and the elite with their brand of entertainment.
  • 'Dave the Republican' returns to the show and breaks kayfabe by revealing his true identity and the effectiveness the "work" had in duping the Air America audience and management.
Find Morning Sedition archives here

This infamous segment is likely to have informed this bit on 'The Daily Show' which featured Mick Foley and Maron's WTF discussion with Wyatt Cenac that touched on pro-wrestling.

Find Brendan McDonald's original recap of the Mick Foley 'Morning Sedition' appearance here: Mick Foley - Politics is just like wrestling

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