Sunday, June 29, 2008

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in unity

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Respect Angle: Ultimate Warrior hugs Hulk Hogan after Wrestlemania 6.
Barack Obama hugs Hillary Clinton in Unity, NH
The wrestling tie-in is explained in my previous post 'The Democratic Primary: How should Barack and Hillary finish it?'. As anticipated, the dueling Democrats ended it with a "respect angle".

Ever since Obama secured the Democratic Party nomination we've been anticipating the moment when the pair would put their past feelings behind them and Hillary would ask her supporters to throw their weight for Obama. In a previous post I highlighted how the dueling Democrats needed to resolve their differences after a heated Primary contest.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton began their unity campaign June 27, 2008. It was an affair full of labored symbols. The event was held in Unity, New Hampshire, but the symbolism doesn't end with the schmaltzy venue name. New Hampshire is where she won her first Primary and where her campaign kicked into second gear. She claimed a shocking victory defying the pundits and the polls who had counted her out after originally being tagged 'inevitable' in the year leading up to the Primaries. Though she bested Obama in the State overall, Unity split their votes down the middle giving 107 apiece to Obama and Clinton.

Whilst the event was a great gesture of solidarity, only time and the voters can tell if the bad blood washes off or if it leaves a lingering stain.

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