Monday, June 23, 2008

Myspace Page updated and new Interview and Pundit to be unveiled

Hello folks,
Just letting you know that the Myspace page has been revamped. The folks at MySpace are constantly changing their formatting so I figured it was time to use a more conventional look and feel so as to not upset their ever-changing framework. Hopefully the more traditional look will be more inviting as far as comments and interactivity go.

I was also fortunate enough to interview Pete Dominick. He is a Radio Talker on Sirius for the IndieTalk Channel, the warm up act for Stephen Colbert and a touring comedian. Anyone familiar with Pete's show - 'Pete's Big Mouth' - knows he is a very accessible and funny guy. I am in the process of transcribing it and incorporating some graphics with it. Expect a new animation and some audio of the interview in the near future.

In the meanwhile here is a preliminary animation. It's still in it's beta stage, I'll probably give him a choice of two outfits.

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