Thursday, June 26, 2008

Latest APF Profile - Pete Dominick

I'm happy to announce Pete Dominick as the latest addition to the APF roster. Pete is the second independent pundit featured on the site, accompanying Bill O'Reilly who had long been the lone independent.

You will find a feature and interview of Pete Dominick here. Though it wasn't designed intentionally, the addition of Pete Dominick means I've interviewed a Liberal talker, a Conservative talker and finally an independent talker. Not bad.

As with every new Pundit to the APF we include the obligatory Pundit animations. This is a another two-fer animation with the button on the bottom left allowing you to toggle Pete's outfit.

Introducing Pete Dominick

For any of Pete's listeners who'd like to promote his show, kindly email me to get the code to have these animations featured on your site or myspace page:

Go to Pete's official Website
Get to Sirius Satellite Radio to listen to Pete's show
Find more about the Indie Talk channel on Sirius
Visit Pete's myspace page
Watch Pete's videos, from standup to TV appearances.

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