Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Stephen Colbert

I found some interesting video courtesy of TalkingPointsMemo. It's Stephen Colbert backstage, out of character advising a guest on how they should react to his on-screen persona. The guest was Senator John Kerry appearing on the Colbert Report April 19, 2007.

VIDEO: A rare glimpse behind the scenes of the Colbert Report
Talking Points Memo: A rare Behind-the-Scenes look at The Colbert Report
STEPHEN COLBERT: Are you familiar with what we do here?... well you know that I'm in character.
COLBERT: And that I'm an idiot
JOHN KERRY: It's wonderful to see you out of character
COLBERT: There's no guarantee that I'm out of character right now. I might prove myself an idiot before -- I'm an idiot that I'm letting them film this... I'm wilfully ignorant about what we're talking about so disabuse me of my ignorance
KERRY: Do I have to?
COLBERT: You don't have to. You can join the life if you want.
KERRY: No I can't do that. I'll try.
You very rarely see Colbert breaking kayfabe. I've often wondered what it's like before the cameras roll on a Pundit showdown. Obviously 'The Colbert Report' has a different dynamic to straight programming found on Fox News or CNN. It's essentially a comedy show with a faux interviewer, harboring no malicious intent with only an agenda to entertain.

Watching the backstage video, I couldn't help but think of this from 'Beyond the Mat' (1999). Skip to 1m15s where you can see the Rock and Mankind discussing how their match will go down.

VIDEO: Beyond the Mat: 5) Backstage at the Royal Rumble

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It's not quite in the same vein, but wanted to recommend it all the same as it has Colbert backstage and features a show I enjoy watching on 'College Humor'.
Stephen Colbert giving advice to Talk show host Dan Levy.
Watch the clip here - The I Have To Go In A Minute Show: Stephen Colbert

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