Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sam Seder: when radio callers attack (then not)

I'd like to recap one of the more interesting calls between a caller and radio talker. It happened April 10, 2008 between Sam Seder and a caller named Joe. To provide context to the exchange, Sam was filling in for Randi Rhodes' timeslot after her sudden resignation from Air America. Sam had also received unfortunate news regarding his broadcasting future in an earlier program break. He learned of it not from his bosses but through internet chatter, much to Sam's frustration.

Sam described it as an "odd but somewhat entertaining call".

The exchange from Conservative Joe started off typically enough. Sam could only give the caller Joe a minute as a break was approaching.
You don't give Republicans much of a chance on your show do you? Only a minute huh.

You've been doing Talk Radio for 4 or 5 years and you haven't developed one single star. You don't have a Limbaugh, a Savage, a Hannity, a Boortz you don't have any of that...
You liberals take to talk radio like a Muslim takes to a Peace meeting.

I've got a lot more to say but I don't think you wanna hear it, you want everyone to pat you on the back, don't you?. To tell you how wonderful your liberalism is. But I wanna debate, are we on? Are you scared?
Sam Seder put the caller on hold. Postponing the fireworks till after the break, one would think.

Upon return, Joe began with the statement
I'm a rock-ribbed Republican
followed by
When you liberals talk about conservatives and always put us down you have some points...because the administration has trailed off dramatically
This was the first of many odd strings where Joe would telegraph a punch then veer in the opposite direction.
You talk as if everything is wrong with the Republicans and you Democrats are squeaky clean...with this primary Hillary Clinton has proven herself a racist along with Bill Clinton
(here comes the swerve)
against my man Barack
I would prefer people listened to the segment as it's better appreciated heard than read.
Listen to the 10 minute segment between Sam Seder and Caller Joe here

Partial transcripts below:
As is Sam's MO he encourages listeners to exercise their own judgment and due diligence rather than blind faith.
Caller Joe: I actually crossed over out of pure disgust and disdain for McCain... That's why I'm listening. I'm trying to indoctrinate myself into your kind of thinking...

Seder: Joe you don't want to be indoctrinated. What you want to do is to actually start to flex the muscles.
Sam has never been one for self aggrandizing at the expense of real issues. In this exchange, he defines his difference in priorities with the caller
Caller Joe: You liberals don't take to talk radio, if you ever listen to my man Michael Savage you'll understand that Talk Radio is all about bashing people. See that's why your ratings are not that guys are trying to learn but some of you guys just don't have the knack for it...

Seder: Here's the difference between you and me Joe ...(Sam lists a series of Political issues facing the country)... so the notion as to whether or not Neal Boortz, because there is some type of distribution mechanism that favors him is doing well. I can't tell you. There isn't any part of my body small enough that could be a repository for how much I care about that. But for you it's a game. See this is the problem with the conservative mindset Joe. You just want to win.

But you don't want to win anything of substance. You just need to make yourself feel better...
True to form Joe ended with another curious headfake
You screwed Randi Rhodes, God Bless Jeff Farias and Mike Malloy. Go to hell loser!
Go to Sam Seder's official website
Watch the exchange in Video (Sammy Cam, April 10 2008) - Recommended: Watch Sam candidly during program breaks, including him excoriating his bosses off-air.


Anonymous said...

I am actually quite familiar with Joe calling Sam Seder in the forementioned clip - I listen myself to Jeff Farias on KPHX/Nova M Radio on a daily basis, and Joe has been calling in from time to time.

His attitude has been something of a roller-coaster, as he has expressed his gratitude towards Jeff and Barack Obama. On the other hand, it started taking a downturn last week when he said that he was in favor of torture against "the Muslims".

What to make out of Joe? I have no idea. He sometimes acts rational, and he sometimes acts batshit nuts. And his call to Sam Seder was one of those cases.

PS Why's Joe still listening to Michael Savage, who is bashing Barack Obama on a daily basis?!

punditfight said...

Thanks Malmo, I found the call entertaining and fascinating.

Its almost refreshing to see someone thinking in such a non-linear fashion. Don't really know what to make off it. I'll seek out more of Joe's calls, appreciate the help so far.