Saturday, June 14, 2008

Remembering Tim: Pundits reacting to Tim Russert's death

Respected journalist Tim Russert passed away today June 13, 2008. He was 58. Tim Russert was the host of 'Meet the Press' and NBC’s Washington bureau chief. Read Tim Russert's bio from 'Meet the Press'.

Here are a collection of statements made by APF Pundits. Many of the featured pundits (left and right) has at one time been critical of Tim. By and large he was respected for his fairness and passion for politics as well as his genuineness.

Rush Limbaugh on Tim Russert:

It's just a shame. Tim was a regular guy with that perpetual smile he wore naturally all the time. He loved life and got everything he could out of it. Whether it was at dinner here in Florida while his son was taking golf lessons, or on the set of Meet The Press, Tim was always the same with me: genuine. He never condescended to anyone and was the consummate professional. He will be hard to replace. He was the closest thing there was at any of the networks to an objective journalist.
Hugh Hewitt on Tim Russert:
A talented, ebullient Irish-Catholic kid who made good first in Democratic politics and then MSM and never forgot his family, his friends, his colleagues or Buffalo. A great American.
Read Hugh Hewitt's full post on Tim Russert's life

Mark Levin on Tim Russert:
I didn't know Tim Russert personally. I used to kid about him on my show. But I, like most others, am stunned and saddened by his sudden death. I always admired his deep commitment to his family.

He was obviously a wonderful father, son, and husband. And he wasn't afraid to show his love and affection for them. That will be his true legacy. And it is a legacy far more important than any professional or career accomplishments, of which he had many. I wish his family peace.
Mark Levin's statement came from Talk Radio blog The Radio Equalizer who asked "several key talkers for their reactions to the news". Read Radio Equalizer's full post on Tim Russert

Keith Olbermann on Tim Russert:
I don't know, in my 30 years in broadcasting, if I ever met anybody who enjoyed what he did from the beginning to the end, every aspect of it, enjoyed it more than Tim Russert and more importantly showed that as he did it.
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Michelle Malkin on Tim Russert

Curiously many liberal APF pundits didn't offer personal statements for Tim. I was only able to find one from Keith Olbermann who was a fellow MSNBC colleague. I didn't exhaust myself trying but I will add them as I find them.

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