Monday, July 28, 2008

Jesse Ventura on Hannity and Colmes

On this morning's Hannity radio, Sean spoke glowingly of Jesse Ventura and announced he would be a guest on this evening's show. Speaking with a Minnesottan caller he described how he expected to not like Jesse prior to meeting him due to his arrogant persona. Hannity came out finding points of agreement and conceded Jesse was very knowledgeable on the issues. He segued into a monologue about term limits thereafter. Below you'll find video of Jesse's first appearance with Hannity.

VIDEO: Jesse Ventura on Hannity and Colmes - April 08, 2008

During this interview Hannity sets up a question by quoting from Jesse who has had experience as talk show host
All the stories come from upstairs, even though the hosts pretend it's them. You know peole need to understand Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and the rest of them - they're not these individual rogues setting their own agenda. These guys will deny it and say they have their own artistic freedom.
Jesse offers this statement as evidence for his charge.
So in other words you chose to talk about Anna Nicole Smith for one and a half months.
VIDEO: Jesse Ventura VS Sean Hannity - Round 2. July 29, 2008

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