Monday, July 21, 2008

Sean Hannity baiting Senator Obama

As predicted, Hannity has escalated matters after Senator Obama called him out in a recent magazine interview. Hannity threw down the gauntlet to Obama, daring him to face some tough questions and offering to share hosting duties for his various shows.
SEAN HANNITY: Senator Obama here is my invitation to you. Anything I have ever said about you, you can sit right here and I will say it to your face. Do you have the guts to come on this program and take some tough questions?
This wrestling style promo is a tactic often employed by the blustery Bill O'Reilly. It has been a ploy that has worked to great effect for Conservative talker Mark Levin having successfully baited Democratic congressmen Maurice Hinchey and William Delahunt to appear on his show.

Hannity's challenge may seem pointed and ambitious, O'Reilly has done similar. Both pale in comparison to Keith Olbermann, who is much blunter with his rhetoric. In his 'Special Comments' segment, the Liberal pundit goes after the biggest fish of them all sitting US President George W. Bush.

Time will tell whether Hannity successfully baits the possible future president, Barack Obama.

VIDEO: Watch Hannity's challenge to Obama here

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