Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Republican, a comedian and a Wrestler-cum-Governor run for the Minnesota Senate

APF pundit AL Franken has another person to contend with besides Republican Norm Coleman in his bid for Minessota's Senate seat, former wrestler Jesse Ventura.
Listen to news audio from NPR: Ventura would shake up Minnesota Senate Race

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Former Wrestler/Governor Jesse Ventura to enter Minnesota Senate Race
Jesse Ventura has beaten Norm Coleman and a democrat once before, winning the governorship in 1998 as an independent. In the NPR piece, political scientist Laurence Jacobs speaks of Ventura's popularity, "I think Ventura could well win... he's coming in with about a quarter of the vote and he's not even declared his candidacy. That is much better than where he was in 1998 where he started off in single digits and frankly was a joke candidate".

Make no mistake, not everyone is a fan. In a recent post for Ed Morrissey doesn't mince his words speaking of Ventura.
Get ready for more Minnesota madness. Six years after last making the state a national laughingstock as governor, Jesse Ventura may enter the race for US Senate. ...Ventura did manage one signal accomplishment: bipartisanship. By the end of his term, Republicans and Democrats both hated him so much that they began overriding a slew of his vetoes, rendering The Body impotent. By the time he slunk out of office, he couldn’t have been elected dog-catcher in a one-man race.
Read Ed Morrissey's full post and reader comments here:
Jesse to make it a 3-way race?

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