Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rush Limbaugh appears on the New York Times

Radio Equalizer reports on a new interview Rush Limbaugh has given to the New York Times. Some would say this is surprising considering how often Rush rails on the famed publication:
Venturing deep into enemy territory, Rush Limbaugh has given the New York Times unprecedented access to his election year sentiments. Can the talk titan trust his longtime foe to represent him honestly and accurately?

rush limbaugh new york timesRead excerpts from 'The New York Times' article preview
Late-Period Limbaugh By Zev Chafets
The anteroom was empty when I stepped off the elevator one afternoon in mid-February. Limbaugh receives very few visitors at work, and no journalists from the hated “mainstream media.” When I was buzzed into the control room, I was met by Bo Snerdly — a very large man in a Huey Newton beret — who glared at me. “Are you the guy who’s here to do the hit job on us?” he demanded in a deep voice.

“Absolutely,” I said.

Snerdly, whose real name is James Golden, held my eyes for a long moment before bursting into emphatic laughter.

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