Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama hope, McCain Nope

The original 'Obama Hope' poster
by renowned street artist Shepard Fairey of 'Obey Giant' fame.

obama obey giant hope shepard fairey
Barack Obama "HOPE" poster
Parodies of the poster from Artist 'Tennyson':

obama arugula parody poster
obama snob parody poster Obama - Arugula: Why Arugula? Read the post and discussion of the art from - Introducing Barack “Arugula” Obama

Obama - Snob: Read more discussion on Tennyson's art from - Photoshop of the week: Typical liberal snob

McCain gets his turn... John McCain - Nope
mccain nope parody poster
John McCain, the "straight-talking, maverick" Republican candidate for president, is rapidly becoming better known as a flip-flopping, sycophant, who is happy to keep our troops in Iraq for another 100 years. In contrast to Barack Obama's campaign of optimism and hope, McCain offers a vision that is squarely focused on obstacles.

Peace? Nope. Health care? Nope. Fair trade and tax? Nope. Choice? Nope. Environment? Nope. Get the idea? Get the T-Shirt!
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Here's another parody of the Obama "hope" poster...