Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama, McCain, Mitt Romney all look like...

It's amusing the type of analogies columnists and comedians have created for Presidential candidates, usually to disparage them. Very specific analogies that describe the candidate's character in ways casual audiences can identify with.

In an earlier post I referenced Karl Rove's 'Barack analogy' from an interview with GQ magazine - Karl Rove interviewed by GQ
"Even if you never met him, you know this guy," Rove said... "He's the guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette that stands against the wall and makes snide comments about everyone who passes by."

Mike Murphy a republican consultant in a commentary for Time Magazine offers his own assessment of Obama - Can Obama Be a Working-Class Hero? by Mike Murphy
Obama's academic style is much of his problem. For many, Obama reminds them of the Ivy League whiz kids they've dealt with at work during the latest downsizing. They look at him and see another bloodless young achiever coming down from the top floor to fix the ailing machine-tool company. They listen to his polished pitch in the employee cafeteria, and he wins some converts. But after he is finished, a few old-timers exchange knowing glances and mutter to one another about how young this hotshot is. Somebody makes a cynical and unkind remark about affirmative action. Deep down, they think he'd rather hit the executive gym for a cardio workout during lunch hour than share a cheesesteak and beer with the hourly workforce. And they ask one another, Why did he change his name in college back to Barack? What's wrong with Barry?

Read the full commentary here

Comedians have also had there shot at painting the candidates. During the early primary season a favorite target for talk show host David Letterman was Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.
Mitt looks like a guy wearing a golf shirt in an Eddie Bauer catalogue.
Mitt looks like the guy at a party who gives you his card.
He looks like a cosmetic surgeon who gets ambushed on '60 Minutes.'
He looks like an American President in a Canadian movie.
He looks like the guy who promises accident victims he'll get the money they deserve

Read an exhaustive compilation of Letterman's Romney jokes, dubbed "Mitticisms" at Politicalhumor.about.com - David Letterman Mocks Mitt Romney
Watch a video compilation of Letterman's 'Mitticisms' at Gawker.com

The last republican standing, John McCain also gets the Letterman treatment

In true McCain fashion, John shows his sense of humor by turning the tables on Dave. Watch John McCain telling David Letterman who he looks like

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