Monday, August 18, 2008

PunditFight: Hugh Hewitt's protege?

In recent days Hugh Hewitt has given this blog a ratings boost. Hugh has played the Donald Trump role, elevating the blog with his esteemed association and bringing with it more mainstream attention.

However reading posts like this, people might start turning on Hugh and the blog if there is a perception PunditFight is seen as Hugh's deranged protege.
Cicero writes:
Slow news day today, Hugh?
Looks like a rather nondescript blog to me. But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

Once again, allow me to provide some examples of what your readers SHOULD be reading...
Not unlike the Presidential candidates, at this point it's all about maximising the attention. Plotting the rollout of content so as to stay in the news cycle for as long as possible. Stay tuned for some new animations, including a tag team of everyone's favourite Boston/Cleveland connection.

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