Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saving and spreading: Resolving broken links

A large part of this site is media based. A lot of video and audio to supplement the articles and provide samples for newcomers unfamiliar with certain pundits.

Most of the links refer to sites external to this blog so there is always the possibility that they'll become dormant. I'll do my best to host most of these. If there is any audio you find that are broken and you are keen to hear them, kindly report them and I will scour my own archives to upload local versions.

YouTube also has its own issues, with live links not always reliable. Wrestling/WWE content is particularly tricky as they have a temperamental policy with their content.

I'm happy for people to save any media from the site and encourage you host to your own versions for preservation. In the meantime kindly inform me of broken links through the corresponding comments page or drop me an email.

I've updated audio links for some recent Sam Seder posts -
1) Seder 'cuts a promo' on the right wing (part 1)
2) Seder 'cuts a promo' on the right wing (part 2)

The corresponding audio as follows:
Listen to Sam on Medved Part 1
Listen to Sam Vs Medved Part 2
Listen to Round 1 of Sam VS John Gibson
Listen to Round 2 of Sam's humiliation of Gibson

More updates as I find them.

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