Monday, August 11, 2008

Rush Limbaugh on Hannity and the rest of the competition

I touched on the New York Times' feature of Rush Limbaugh in a previous post. There is an interesting segment in the piece where Rush sounds off on his competition. Whilst there is a cordial respect amongst the higher profile pundits, there is also a serious rivalry.

Rush dismisses Michal Savage wholly, "He’s not even in my rearview mirror". Rush hesitantly concedes of Bill O'Reilly "somebody’s got to say it... the man is Ted Baxter". Here Rush and Keith Olbermann find a point of agreement.

VIDEO: Watch the fictional News anchorman, Ted Baxter in action

But the real tension comes with Sean Hannity, who comes closest in threatening Rush' mantle as the most influential talker in America.
Late-Period Limbaugh
Limbaugh has a deeply conflicted attitude toward Sean Hannity, his one-time stand in and now perpetual No. 2 on the Talkers list. He speaks of the younger man with the same condescending affection that Muhammad Ali once showed Jimmy Ellis, a former sparring partner turned challenger. But he wanted me to remember who is the Greatest. “I have no competitors,” he said. “Hannity isn’t even close to me.”
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