Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Comedian Ralphie May: If you smell what Barack is cooking?

Consider this the comedy segment. A few months ago comic Ralphie May offered some funny insights on the Presidential candidates. Most notably the uncanny resemblance Barack has to a certain wrestler - WWE's 'The Rock'.

RALPHIE MAY: Can you smell what Barack is cooking? I find it odd that he sounds exactly like the Rock. If you listen to the Rock and Barack together, they might be cousins dude. I mean they sound exactly alike, if that's true what a great President.
VIDEO: Barack Obama the entertainer

See for yourself. Both are known for their great oratory and their ability to whip crowds into a frenzy. Its clear though that when it comes to pure entertainment, it doesn't get any more electrifying than The Rock. As the video below shows, some might argue both personalities share similarities in their relationship with the "media"

VIDEO: The Rock interviewed by Lillian Garcia

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