Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bill O'Reilly on David Letterman talking about Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh

Bill O'Reilly made his umpteenth appearance on David Letterman March 31st 2009. In this encounter Letterman attempts to group Bill O'Reilly with fellow APF pundits Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. O'Reilly does his best to distance himself, patronisingly referring to Limbaugh and Beck as entertainers whilst reliably bignoting himself as a journalist. O'Reilly also credited Rush' uptick in ratings to his departure from talk Radio, showing there's no love lost between the two.

But the best exchange came when Letterman inferred that Beck, Limbaugh and O'Reilly were not unlike wrestlers. David Letterman, a 'Pundit Fight' reader perhaps?

VIDEO: Bill O'Reilly on Letterman 2009.03.31 (pt 1)
DAVID LETTERMAN: Now let's talk about your buddy Glenn Beck, there's a piece on him in 'The Times' the other day and he said what I think coalesces this whole deal
BILL O'REILLY: Which deal is that?
LETTERMAN: That you're too smart to say the things you say
O'REILLY: Me or him?
LETTERMAN: Everybody, you, Rush, Glenn Beck
(O'Reilly chuckles at being lumped with the others)
LETTERMAN: ...Glenn Beck says that if people take what I say as gospel they're idiots...
O'REILLY: Glenn is a talk show host. Rush Limbaugh is a talk show host, they're not journalists
LETTERMAN: What are you? You're a talk show host right
O'REILLY: I'm a journalist...
LETTERMAN: But now what you mostly do is commentary
O'REILLY: Now it is, Yes - But I was a hard news reporters. But those guys are basically entertainers and they admit it.
LETTERMAN: Now but you're an entertainer.
O'REILLY: Somewhat, somewhat
LETTERMAN: What do you mean somewhat?... I think Glenn Beck -- and maybe he got caught up in a moment of candour. But I think he speaks to this. I think you guys know exactly what you're doing, you've been very successful at it. But the truth of it is, you're not speaking your conscience.
O'REILLY: So we're charlatans is what you're saying
LETTERMAN: You're not charlatans, Its showbiz. This is why wrestling is so popular.


Anonymous said...

One again, a LIBtard half-truth. Bill explained that he started as a journalist. Libs a so frothing at the mouth to find any trivial fault on O'Reilly's part that they are now reduced to using only portions of his sentences.

Let's face it Bill is No. one for a reason. He is by far, the least ideological of the top cable news hosts - although you Libs will never never admit it.

If we restrict Olby to not mentioning FOX or O'Reilly, his show can go own to one-half hour. Then MSNBC can have its first real news show for the other 30 minutes.

PunditFight said...

Bill did say he began as a "Hard News journalist" but he conceded that presently he mostly does commentary. When O'Reilly was pressed by Letterman whether he considered himself an entertainer, Bill responded with a halfhearted "somewhat".

So where are the half truths coming from?