Thursday, September 3, 2009 Ledger Live - Health Care Reform Town Hall: no room for a centrist

Brian Donohue of's 'Ledger Live' reported from a town hall meeting on federal health care reform with Rep. Frank Pallone. Like similar times Town Hall meeting across America, it degenerated into a "wrestling cage match".

Brian had come to the meeting aware of the animosity that had tended to derail some of these Town hall meetings, he also came with some skepticism of the bill being passed through congress but he soon started changing his tune once he witnessed the Town Hall experience for himself:
Health Care Reform Town Hall: no room for a centrist
BRIAN DONOHUE: ... I returned today a changed man. You see, until last night I was opposed to HR3200 - that's the House Bill on Federal Health Care reform - but after seeing things like this (cut to video), I'm thinking "Anything those people are against, I should be for".

Until last night I thought the description that these Town halls as unruly, angry mob shouting matches was probably just "TV news being TV news" pointing their cameras at some yahoos and making everybody look like part of some angry mob. What I saw last night was far worse...

There was no debate going on. No discussion and no listening and there was no room for a person like me. A centrist like me who agrees with valid points on both sides of the debate but hates the fearmongering and paranoia... but there's no room for nuance or reason for this debate... no one is listening to anyone else. There is no room for facts...
Can there be any room for a centrist at a health care reform town hall meeting

Read written summary by Brian on that night's events on the 'Ledger Live' site - Health Care Reform Town Hall: no room for a centrist

At the risk of trivialising matters, speaking of resemblances the only other time you would not be surprised to see a mob of people booing a handicapped woman would be at a wrestling match. Presenting heel GM Vicki Guererro...

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