Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mark Levin and David Frum continue feud, its getting personal

I highlighted previously the rivalry between Conservative talker Mark Levin and former Bush speechwriter David Frum. The rivalry continues.

Mark Levin begins his assault by questioning Frum's emotional state
Levin Takes Down Frum
David Frum was never much of a thinker. Try as he might, he just can't seem to attract interest, let alone a following, even when stabbing his old boss, President George W. Bush, in the back with a rambling screed. Profiting from a confidential relationship with a president is about as low as it gets. But Frum, the ex-speech-writer turned self-hating blogger, isn't done descending. Now he spends his lonely days and nights at his keyboard trying to settle personal scores and demonizing those who dare to dismiss his ramblings as the work of an emotional wreck.
Levin asserts his value of influence in this passage whilst evoking his fellow APF pundits. You will remember that David Frum argued for a different set of priorities in his debate with Mark
That's what people like Frum do. That's why he is exploited by Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, MSNBC, and Newsweek. They so wish he was the face of conservatism. But, alas, he can barely speak for himself. And apart from this response to Frum's latest ramblings, today will be like all other days. I will go on the air and talk with millions of listeners and Frum will write to himself on his own website.
David Frum responds in kind by going personal on Levin, questioning his peculiar social habits and shunning of criticism
DAVID FRUM: For now, see these extracts from Levin's October 2008 interview with C-Span's Brian Lamb:

Frum excerpts the C-SPAN interview
LEVIN: I am by myself when I’m doing the show, my producer, my call screener are not in the same room with me, they’re not even in the same town with me. So I am there listening to the caller, and nobody there to tell me what to say or do, or nod at me, or wink at me, or wave me off ....

I don’t have 10 writers like Jon Stewart, or Steven Colbert or most of these anchormen who do – who do straight news, so-called, I don’t – I don’t have – I have me. I don’t have research assistance....

DAVID FRUM: Here is a man who has literally isolated himself in a little box in his home. No social ties with anyone outside his family and pets. He does not interact even with the producers of his program. He has cut himself out of the feedback loop, and when something unwanted intrudes itself into his carefully sheltered experience, he reacts with rage.

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