Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fran Drescher and Sean Hannity debate Healthcare

VIDEO: Fran Drescher debates healthcare with Sean Hannity
SEAN HANNITY: You want to put your faith hope and trust in a government that has been unsuccessful in every single major endeavor they've ever had. Why?
FRAN DRESCHER: Because we have to stop thinking that big business is going to do right by us. They do what they have a right to do, not what's the right thing to do. They're making money on us being sick longer...
Sean Hannity has had Fran Drescher a few times on his show, always spirited and cordial. Fran has credentials as a Health care spokesperson but its speaks to Sean Hannity's style that he would choose a celebrity (though a committed advocate) to debate this issue.

Read about Fran Drescher's history as a healthcare activist:
Fran Drescher -- Actress, Healthcare Activist and 'Hometown Girl' -- to Keynote North Shore-LIJ's Cancer Survivors' Day on June 2
Born in Flushing, NY, Ms. Drescher is best known for her role in the CBS TV show The Nanny (1993-99), but in recent years she has become an outspoken advocate for women's health after being diagnosed with cancer in 2000. In Cancer Schmancer, Ms. Drescher wrote about her experiences with the healthcare system during her ultimately triumphant battle against uterine cancer, which earned her a writer's award from the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

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