Friday, September 11, 2009

Hugh Hewitt's 'Hughniverse' - TownHall's podcast service no longer free

I've often remarked on the Hugh Hewitt show's comprehensive and convenient archived podcasts. Alas your opportunities to listen to Hugh's shows for free are dwindling. Like Rush Limbaugh years before him, Hugh's online media content has moved to a subscription format.
H3: 09/10/09 Mark Steyn, Mary Katharine Ham, Guy Benson, Joe Wilson with Hugh Hewitt
GENERALISSIMO DUANE: The free podcast for the Hugh Hewitt Show will end on September 30th 2009. After that the podcast will only be available to subscribers at the Hughniverse. You can sign up right now at a discounted introductory rate by going to ...
HUGH HEWITT: At you can join the Hugh-niverse... if you have not yet subscribed you're gonna miss the Lileks columns, you're gonna miss the conversations. You're gonna miss the podcasts when they go behind the veil. You definitely want to be a part of an organization of a community that I'm putting together to make sure that there is a place where like-minded serious but happy conservatives can go and talk amongst themselves about what is said and what isn't said by the mainstream media. What is done and what isn't done by the people who need to set this country back on the centrist, center/right course it needs to be on, with conservative principles, constitutional guarantees and free speech
Hugh Hewitt's premium content media can be found at his new 'Hughniverse' site

- Listen to Hugh Hewitt endorsing PunditFight here


Anonymous said...

I think it is crazy that they are charging $55 a year for his show. Limbaugh charges the same thing and you get the DittoCam, podcasts in more than one format, a t-shirt, parodies, and the extensive amount of information on his website. The Hughniverse is only going to have extra posts by Hewitt. Though I was a regular listener to his podcast, $55 is not worth it considering the quality of the site, the quality of the show, and how late in the day his show is. I'm going to miss Emmitt though.

PunditFight said...

Free to anything is painful. But you know what they say about the free Market correcting itself

Anonymous said...

I love this show.The quality of the content and free podcasts set it apart from the rest. Although I am a capitolist, to go from free to this is amount is too much. It is a shame at this time, in this economy, people who can not listen to the show live will miss out on the information that this show provides each day.