Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keith Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh appear on Seth MacFarlane's 'Family Guy'

VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh on FAMILY GUY! w/ Seth MacFarlane

Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann do share something in common. They've both lent their talents to Fox's 'The Family Guy'.

Rush Limbaugh recently played himself on a recent episode where he ideologically converted the Family Dog, 'Brian Griffin' a staunch liberal. Rush' appearance has caused quite an uproar amongst the right who feel it is an unworthy vehicle for Rush:
Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy--Why?
Rush Limbaugh is due to appear on "Family Guy" as himself on Sunday, October 3rd. Considering the reputation that Seth MacFarlane's show has for childish, gross out, far left humor, Rush's fans are asking why.

One explanation might be the same reason Jesus associated with the Pharisees and other people of bad repute; that the audience of "Family Guy" is very much in need of Rush's wisdom.
Rush Limbaugh spoke to Radio Equalizer to explain why he accepted the invitation to appear on 'The Family Guy'
Exclusive Interview: Rush Limbaugh Answers Critics Over Family Guy Starring Role
RADIO EQUALIZER: Did you get a lot of flak at the time for the Playboy interview? Similar to this? A question I've received: "why's he helping lefty Hollywood types who hate us?"

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Yes, I did. And on other occasions I can't recall. This is my third Family Guy but first as the star. Seth MacFarlane doesn't hate me. Or Andrew Breitbart, who he met on Maher's show and really liked.

Besides, it was a new career challenge, a new experience. It was a LOT of work. I sing, and I'm deaf!... I'm a performer. This was fun. Seth wants to do even more.

Seth was among the FIRST to reach out to me in Hawaii when I had that heart scare. I am not helping the Hollywood Left. His show is going to be on the air regardless what I do.

BUT, the better way to look at this is that they bent for me. I did not bend to them. It's not as though I endorse or support libs on this show. The other way around. A huge lib character becomes a conservative.

RADIO EQUALIZER: Thanks, Rush, we'll be watching.
Limbaugh's ideological counterpart, Keith Olbermann has also lent his talents to 'The Family Guy'. Watch Keith hosting show creator Seth MacFarlane and writer Alex Borstein on his 'Countdown' show talking about the 'Family Guy' and his involvement in it.

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