Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where to watch Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally (8/28/2010)

August 28, 2010. Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally
On August 28, 2010 Glenn Beck organised a rally in Washington DC at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Glenn Beck and the rally received some early criticism, accused of hijacking the date which would have been the forty-seventh anniversary of the Great March on Washington, where Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King famously delivered his "I have a Dream" speech.

The 'Restoring Honor' rally turned out to be less overtly political and more religious, honoring America's fighting men and women and a celebration of freedom. Its most notable speakers included Glenn Beck (Conservative Commentator and organiser), Sarah Palin (2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee) and Alveda King (former Georgia State Representative and niece of Martin Luther King)

Watch the official documentary made by the enterprising Glenn Beck team:
8/28 the Documentary now available on-demand!
This is our first full-length documentary and it’s going to blow you away. It’s an exclusive inside look at the making of the 8-28 Rally. When we say exclusive, we mean it. From the time Glenn arrived in Washington DC to the time he took the stage our cameras were rolling. You will not believe what went on behind the scenes:

• We’ll show you how most of my staff had no idea what the plan was just days before the event.

• You’ll see the panic that took place when we heard that Albert Pujols and Tony LaRussa may not show up.

• And the best part…we’ll tell you the story of how the script to Glenn’s speech went missing on the way to the rally.

You can also watch the simulcast of the event that was originally aired on C-Span
'Restoring Honor' Rally aired on C-Span

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