Monday, October 4, 2010

Paul Levesque (aka Triple H) rallies support for Linda McMahon with Video message

After making a special appearance to thank Linda McMahon's campaign volunteers, Paul Levesque (Triple H) tapes a special video message explaining the value Linda McMahon offers to her State.

VIDEO: Paul Levesque (aka Triple H) Rallying Support for Linda
TRIPLE H: I'm just out here supporting Linda and trying to meet the people that are out here helping her, the volunteers that are knocking on doors, putting up sign, spreading the word about what she's trying to do and helping to get her elected.

I'm just here thanking them and letting them know that its appreciated by Linda and by everybody else. I know why she's doing this and that's the benefit of her being my mother-in-law. She's doing it for my kids you know. She looks at the state and thinks things are screwed up, she looks at the government and thinks things are screwed up and going in a bad direction and she wants to change it and I feel she has the ability to.

That's a sacrifice. She's making a sacrifice, sacrificing all those things - the money, the time and personal life - to try to better the state, to better the country.

And that to me - what more noble of a thing do you need right?
This follows in the line of wrestling personalities getting involved in Politics:
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