Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pete Dominick: 'CNN's What the Week' and Pete shares his side of the story on the Rick Sanchez firing

CNN's new show hosted by Comedian and RadioTalker Pete Dominick,
'What the Week'
Below are video excerpts of Pete Dominick's new show on CNN, 'What the Week'. As Pete's Facebook declares: "CNN has given What The Week an extension". PunditFight encourages everyone to check out the show. If you like what you see and hear...
Pete Dominick on Facebook
Please please add the Facebook page for CNN's "What the Week". Spread the word about this new TV show as much as you can. We really think we have something special here
VIDEO: 'What the Week' with Pete Dominick
'What the Week' with Pete Dominick
The new CNN show featuring comedian and talk-show-host Pete Dominick. In this segment: Show Intro, Week that Was, Undercovered Stories, Afghanistan man on the street and panel including Arianna Huffington and Todd Zwillich
Pete Dominick airs his side of the story on the Rick Sanchez firing where he draws a distinction between public interest and public fascination. I suggest you listen to the audio attached, it is a good primer on Pete's presentation style and value system. Particularly handy as this Sanchez controversy is likely to have drawn Pete many new listeners.
Pete Dominick, Rick Sanchez Interviewer: Sanchez Came With 'Live Grenade In His Mouth' (AUDIO)
... Speaking on his Sirius XM satellite show "Stand Up With Pete Dominick," Pete Dominick recounted the events leading up to the fateful interview...

"Frankly, I didn't really want him to do the radio show," Dominick said. "He's not the type of guest we have on this show. We generally have experts on the issues."

When the interview began, he said, he was shocked at what Sanchez said. The anchor, he said, came "with a live grenade in his mouth, and he pulled the pin. I tried to put it back for him but he wasn't having it."...

Listen and Download the Pete Dominick Audio here - Pete Dominick: Rick Sanchez came with "live grenade in his mouth"
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