Friday, January 11, 2008

Huckabee, Colbert and Podhoretz

In my last post I featured links to many of the Presidential candidates' Concession speeches after the New Hampshire Primary. In a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt, Conservative commentary, John Podhoretz concludes that Huckabee is a vapid candidate as evidenced by the content of his 'Thank You' speech.
HUGH HEWITT: ... that's why I don't think Mike Huckabee is really a serious contender here. He's not reliable on the war. Do you think he is?
JOHN PODHORETZ: No, I think, i see no reliable evidence that he is reliable in much of anything actually
HEWITT: So how can he be ahead in South Carolina?
PODHORETZ: Well we don't know that he is, and this is my point. Look! There's two weeks till South Carolina. We'll see how ahead he is. Let me put it to you this way. Listen to his speech last night, his concession speech OK. McCain made a passionate speech about the War and Service. Romney made a speech in which he delved in issues. Obama talked about issues, Hillary talked about issues. What did Huckabee do? He talked about how Mrs So-and-so took him in their house and gave him a nice piece of pie and he loves it. It was Elvis' birthday. Thank you so much, you're all so nice. You are all so wonderful. This is a vapid candidacy.A vapid candidacy that is depend in on his personality which is nice but isn't like Obama's. Magnetic like Obama's...

Listen to the discussion between Hugh and John Podhoretz

So John Podhoretz thinks Mike Huckabee is vapid? Well... Mike was on Stephen Colbert's show recently. You can judge for yourself. Stephen actually raises an issue I posted about recently, regarding the waning influence of the pundit class.

Listen to the discussion between Hugh and J-Pod

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