Thursday, January 17, 2008

FAQ: What is Pundit Fighting all about?

I often get emails asking me what American Pundit Fighting is all about. "I like the characters? Are they suppose to fight? Is this a game?" I suspect most of the confusion comes from the MySpace Page. For the benefit of everyone involved here are is a quick rundown.

What is the site about?
The site is about Politics and Punditry. People sometimes characterise partisan politics as a 'horse race', I've always found that comparison one-dimensional. I see it more as a popularity contest, where intangibles like charisma, aura and ideology come into play. I use wrestling as an analogy to illustrate this.
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Who is the site for?
The site is for everybody! You don't have to know anything about politics and you don't have to know anything about wrestling. A passing knowledge of both might make it more accessible but its not necessary. I don't assume any foreknowledge on the part of the reader so I make a point of providing links, resources and video whenever possible. If my mum can make sense of it, this site has done its job.

What's with the characters and animations?
I'm a graphic designer by day. The site for all intents and purposes could survive without the characters or animations. However as I'm equipped to and enjoy making graphics I use them in place of stock images. The Myspace page is a rarely updated resource page that provides a rundown on all the pundits I may mention on this blog.

The APF is a way of showcasing my writing as well as my illustration and animation skills. I would love for the characters to be used for the purposes of a game and one day I hope to make an animation of the characters wrestling each other. But at this stage they are peripheral goals, the bread and butter of the site is the writing.
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Where should I start?
I touch on issues of presentation in politics and punditry. Because the themes I discuss are generic and universal, they are not tethered to a time or event. The columns I write should remain relevant no matter how far removed they are from the time I write it to when you read it. I would encourage you to read through the archives. You can begin with some of my favourite posts here:
- Aura
- Kayfabe and Bill O'Reilly
- Heels and Ann Coulter

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