Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina (Democratic Primary) - Live on PPV

As is customary before a major primary, the APF introduces a PPV poster and provides a rundown of the card. Also customary is the late timing...
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South Carolina, Democratic primary | January 26, 2008
(Survivor Series)

Here is the card for the Democratic Primary held in South Carolina, January 26 2008.

Triple threat match (No Disqualification match)
Hillary Clinton w/ Bill Clinton
VS Barack Obama VS John Edwards

As the we get deeper into the primaries, the gloves start coming off. This is a no holds barred match. Leading up to the primary, Barack Obama who has derided 'slash and burn' style politics has had to get dirty as Hillary's enforcer Bill Clinton has taken him to the mat. Native son and 2004 South Carolina primary winner, John Edwards hopes to capitalise. By staying out of the crossfire, Edwards has reminded voters that he is the fitting alternative to Obama, a change agent with a hopeful message. This is a must-win for John Edwards. Look for former President Bill Clinton to play a key role from ringside.

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