Thursday, September 11, 2008

Team Hewitt: Hugh Hewitt, Dean Barnett, Mark Steyn

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I've been meaning to introduce stables to the APF for a while now, I proudly present the first of many. In wrestling, a stable is simply defined as "an alliance of like-minded individuals". In political terms there aren't too many solid alliances, only the John McCain/Joe Lieberman/ Lindsey Graham triumvirate come to mind.

Pundits have their own alliances, mostly by virtue of it being a small tight-knit community. I've always wanted to delve into the relationships formed within political media, how it affects their professional conduct. This was partially discussed during the Imus controversy when the "boy's club" were divided into those who stuck by their buddy or threw him under the bus.

First cab off the rank: Team Hewitt
Don't know how Dean Barnett and Mark Steyn will take to being under Hugh. Of course if there's any dissension they could just turn on him and ambush Hugh from behind.

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Update: I had the fortune of interviewing Dean Barnett recently. Tune in to for the audio and transcript of our interview. We covered a few things including Dean's early political career, partisanship and John McCain.


NeoConScum said...

Congrats to Team Hugh. Yeah, even you, Barnett! Us HH veterans & scrappers love the blood sport, though I know next to nuthin' about rassling.

PunditFight said...

The good thing NeoConscum is you don't need to know much about wrestling OR politics. If i've done my job right you'll see that they're not that different as far as the psychology and theatrical presentation are concerned. Just follow the 'wrestling' tag and let me know what you think

Pete Vere said...

Cool! As a former part-time professional wrestling reporter, can I come on as the referee bought off by the stable to insure matches go the right way? Oh, and can Kathy Shaidle come on as the valet?

PunditFight said...

Sure Peter,
Let's chat on the email. Former wrestling reporter! I'm intrigued.