Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What is the APF?

People often stumble onto this blog and wonder 'what is the APF?'. Is it a game? Is it an animation? I've explained it over time in previous posts that you can find here:
- 'About the blog' posts
- Why the wrestling analogy? ... to further illustrate the point.
- Explanation of terms, The Glossary
- Explanation of the ratings system.
- Meet all the pundit wrestlers on the Myspace Page.

To tell you the truth, American Pundit Fighting was created as a way to draw people to my animations and art. This will hopefully allow me to slide into some editorial illustration work. The blog is a non-partisan venture that will hopefully encourage people to explore the sentiment among all sides of the political spectrum as represented by the pundit class. To a large extent Radio talkers, pundits and bloggers represent the people and the grassroots. This blog should be a resourceful introduction on the important players of the 'Opinion' landscape. By using the wrestling analogy I hope to highlight the crucial role presentation, charisma and psychology plays in our politics.

If you'd like to promote the APF by incorporating animations or art such as this below:

kindly email me at pundit.fight(@)

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