Thursday, September 13, 2007

Seder 'cuts a promo' on the right wing (part 1 of 2)

Its not often that pundits will turn against their own kind. The talkers on the right will rarely draw attention to their liberal pundit counterparts. There could be many reasons for this:
1) The conservative audience may not be familiar with the personalities. There aren't too many prominent liberal pundits who are recognised by the right, with the exception of Keith Olbermann and Al Franken. The reference would be futile.
2) The right has dominated the radio landscape and does not feel like it needs to draw attention to the fledgling/emerging liberal talkers. Its an old boxing maxim, the champion should dismiss challengers as focusing on them elevates them to their level.
3) If liberal pundits are mentioned it is often in generic terms.

It is the left who are more likely to reference their ideological counterparts. Largely because the right has more visible and well defined targets, from Rush to Hannity and the Independent Bill O'Reilly. There are a few ways to attack a fellow pundit. Keith Olbermann takes the mocking and taunting approach. Whilst Sam Seder of Air America takes a media critique approach. Disassembling talking points and adding insults for humorous effect.

In wrestling terms, to demean someone skillfully is referred to as "Cutting a Promo". I will be highlighting some of Sam's more amusing critiques in this post. 4 different right wing targets on 4 different issues.

1) Sam Seder VS Michael Medved
Sam covering his pet topic of "Anti-gay gay republicans". Conservative pundit and movie critic Michael Medved wrote a column on the Tim Hardaway controversy. It was a piece on the unwanted distractions for a sportsman with an openly gay teammate.
Where Tim Hardaway Was Right by Michael Medved
Recent comments by retired basketball star Tim ("I hate gay people") Hardaway did serious damage to his image and career but also unwittingly raised serious cultural issues about sexuality and gender.

Hardaway appropriately apologized for his harsh remarks, but many (if not most) Americans no doubt share his instinctive reluctance to share showers and locker rooms with open homosexuals...
Sam deconstructs this perspective and offers his own theories on Medved based on his own experience meeting the man.

Listen to Sam on Medved Part 1
Listen to Sam Vs Medved Part 2

2) Sam Seder VS Michael Savage
Sam turns his attention on one of the most influential men in the punditocracy, Michael Savage. Sam analyses a monologue by Savage regarding the perceived weakness of America in the eyes of the bedouin (muslims).

Savage argues America is seen as weak because of its tolerance of gay culture, "doing to each other what is despised by 99.9% of humanity from the beginning of time until now". Savage also believes that the enemy finds comfort in seeing America cowed by women in leadership. "Seeing a loud mouthed, foul tempered woman in high places bossing men around" in reference to
Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer. Sam unpacks Savage's rationale and tries to comprehend Michael's clumsy references.

Listen to Sam take on Michael Savage. Sam also inserts a few digs at Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.
Sam continues dissecting Savage's meme, but this time targets Glenn Beck's statements. Listen here.

Continued in part 2 of 2>>

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