Saturday, September 15, 2007

Seder 'cuts a promo' on the right wing (part 2 of 2)

continued from Part 1 of 2

3) Sam Seder VS John Gibson
Sam Seder takes on Fox News pundit John Gibson, who he refers to as an "unparalleled moron". Sam ridicules John Gibson for mangling a meme that Presidential hopeful Barack Obama was raised in a Madrasa. Sam is amused by Gibson's misplaced hubris and obliviousness
SAM SEDER: He just can't catch on... he tried the War on Christmas thing and it just came off as a cheap rip-off of O'Reilly
Listen to Round 1 of Sam VS John Gibson
Listen to Round 2 of Sam's humiliation of Gibson

4) Sam Seder VS Armstong Williams

Sam Seder cuts a promo on a relatively lesser known conservative pundit, but this time pays a price. There are usually few repercussions for attacking other pundits. A feud may erupt but this could actually result in a positive outcome. The hostilities can bring exposure and drama, as well as providing content for the show.

Sam was taken 'off air' by his native New York affiliate for undermining Armstong Williams. Sam is Armstrong's stablemate and formerly filled the timeslot after the show Armstrong co-hosted. Many speculate that it was this type of outspokenness from Sam that may have contributed to his eventual demotion.

Listen to Sam's smackdown of Armstrong Williams here:
Part 1 "Its not my fault that Armstrong Williams has had such a chequered past..."
Part 2 "apparently Armstrong Williams has thin skin..."
Part 3 Listen to Sam explaining why Armstrong Williams is fair game.

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